Ken Doran: “Re yesterday’s post, just wondering . . . do they serve chicken ptarmigan in Gnome?”

☞ Oh, God. Did I misspell that too? Do you know WHICH Nome I meant? The little one, outside Zurich! (Gno? You’re gnot buying that? Well, okay: I goofed.)

Kathy Allan: “I thought you would get a kick out of this from the Newseum. Just put your mouse on a city anywhere in the world and that day’s newspaper pops up. Double click and the page gets larger. Then you can either read the pdf version or click through to the paper itself in the upper right corner.”

☞ Way cool. But incomplete. They have the Anchorage Daily News and the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner – and the Nyíregyháza, Hungary Kelet Magyarorszag for that matter – but not the Nome Nugget.

Kathy again: “Who is F…used when you want to provide your own commentary? Did I miss something? It’s not one of your initials or your party affiliation, so what gives?”

☞ “F” is the right-pointing “finger” wingding most people see here at left. But some browsers display it as an F. If I were smarter, I could fix that, but life is short and suffering (yours, that is) builds character.


Mark W. Budwig: “My favorite Republican tax cut proposal is the the one to lower the corporate tax rate to 25% from 35%. Boy, now there’s a real job generator! Can’t you just hear the boardroom conversation? ‘People are losing jobs by the millions! Demand is in the toilet! But now we have a real chance to hire workers we don’t need to produce goods we can’t sell, all because of the lower taxes on the profits we won’t have!’”

Next week: Mark Twain, I hope; and Faster Sparky, Faster!


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