Here’s the trailer for a documentary on the different “shades” of gender identity.  (I’m the old, square one.)

Commented one audience member on IMDB after seeing Between the Shades‘ debut at a film festival last month: “I am a straight man, and I went to see it with a straight woman. We both stood-up and cheered as the credits rolled at the end, loving each and every participant, fully embracing the individuality of us all, and the deft hand of the filmmakers. We were definitely entertained and elevated.”

How the world has changed.

At least a good chunk of it.

But these two minutes show how much harder it is for non-conforming people to live in places like Turkey and Russia and Uganda.  (They might have included Texas — for example and example — though Texans now enjoy certain federal protections that the Republican Party was unsuccessful in blocking.)

And here are seven minutes with a law student from New Jersey — atheist dad, Catholic Mom — and their attempts to deal with his sexuality.  Hard not to like this guy.

From Between the Shades:

“No matter how different people are, everybody wants to be loved.”

“If you meet someone and fall in love with them, why would you let anything stop you from love? And that’s really what it comes down to.”

Love is love.  No?

Have a great weekend!



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