Today would be a smart day to stock up on all the food and drink and candles and batteries and medicine you’d need in case Hurricane Sandy shuts things down for a while.  Seriously:  Better safe than sorry.  Ideally, none of what you buy will be needed, so be sure it’s mostly nonperishable.  Speaking of which, guess what I ate just now.


Tasted fine.  If there’s a column tomorrow, you’ll know it didn’t kill me.  (I voted early just in case.)


Yesterday, I offered: “Jews for Romney.  Really?” If you have any Romney leaning friends — whether Jewish or not — perhaps it would speak to them.  (Couldn’t hoyt.)  And here’s an update.  An interview in Foreign Policy with the head of Mossad under three Israeli prime ministers.  In very small part:

. . . I think many of the statements made by the Republican candidate are very undesirable as far as Israel is concerned. I remember an article of Governor Romney’s in the Washington Post in March where he advocated dispatching American warships to the Eastern Mediterranean. Shooting from the hip on these matters is a very dangerous sport to be engaged in. And I think that drawing Israel into this campaign is detrimental to Israeli interests, and I regret that one of the candidates is doing this.

Meanwhile, one of you sent me this by Sally Neustadt, who marvels at the notion of Jews voting for Romney.  She concludes, “The time has come to think about how our Jewish values apply to the decisions we make.  If not now, when?”

When indeed?  (I believe I’ve already linked you to the widely circulated Yiddish Curses for Republicans.)


Today, noting that the Log Cabin Republicans have endorsed Mitt Romney, I ask: Gays for Romney.  Really?

For starters, President Obama has done more to advance equality for LGBT Americans not just than “any other president in history” but “than all other presidents in history combined.”  (So let’s fire him?)

But for finishers, Governor Romney favors amending the Constitution to take away rights for only the second time ever (the first being Prohibition, which was repealed); would appoint the kind of Supreme Court justices least likely to support equal rights; had an “insensitive” record as Governor of Massachusetts; and is the only member of the group that pinned an effeminate classmate to the ground and cut off his hair so untroubled by the incident that — even though he was the leader of the pack and personally wielded the scissors — he has no recollection of it.

So, fine: none of my gay Republican friends disputes that Obama would be better on equality.  Their point — and I agree — is that there are more important issues.  In my case, I might start by mentioning the future habitability of the planet. That is not their issue.  Their issue, for the most part, is money.

Well, I like money, too.  But the irony is that if they get Romney, they will also get a global depression — because the Republicans are wedded to an austerity budget that would out-Hoover Hoover.  And if our economy goes over the dam, there goes Europe and the rest of the world.

Gays for Romney.  Really?


Missouri Pastor’s Fiery Speech Against Equal Rights for Homosexuals Has Stunning Twist Ending“– under three minutes.  Have a great weekend.




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