Three minutes, pure fun.  (Thanks, Mel!)

Green Book‘s 95% Rotten Tomatoes audience score suggests I’m not going out on a limb recommending it.

You still haven’t listened to the Bag Man podcast?

Or watched The Kominsky Method?

If you have an iPhone, try this.  When you wake up in the morning fully charged, go to SETTINGS, select BATTERY, and then LOW-POWER MODE.  At least for me, there is no discernible downside — and I almost always make it through the day without having to recharge.

(I shared this revelation with a young friend who gave me a big “duh.”  But just in case he’s wrong and I’m not the last person on earth to think of this.)

To add a shortcut to low-power mode, go to SETTINGS, select CONTROL CENTER, CUSTOMIZE CONTROLS, and click the plus sign next to LOW POWER.  From then on, when you swipe up from the bottom, just tap the LOW-POWER icon to switch it on on or off.

Have a great weekend, if you can overlook the way Trump is wrecking the country and the world, most recently by abandoning our brave allies, the Kurds, because it’s what Putin and Erdogan want.  (Also likely thrilled: ISIS and Iran.)



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