What?  You haven’t been watching Samantha Bee?  The only things wrong with her show are that it’s on only Mondays (10:30 PM on TBS) and only half an hour.  Here’s a sample from one of her first four shows.

(I actually disagree with her first bit — lampooning how we always say “this is the most important election of our lives.”  That can only be true, of course, if they’ve become successively more important — but they have.  Remember Kennedy / Nixon?  Very different people, but largely shared policy perspectives.  Coke versus Pepsi.  As the moderate Republicans have been all but eliminated from Congress (but not the moderate Democrats! it’s not symmetrical!), the choice has become ever starker . . . Coke versus V8 . . . Coke versus a pickle . . . Coke versus Ted Cruz.  But why quibble.  Watch.)





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