Yesterday I argued that we MUST hold the House and pick up Senate seats so we can depoliticize the Court.

I linked to Heather Cox Richardson’s must-read explanation of just how far off the rails it has gone.

Today, I offer the all-too-plausible Nightmare Scenario SCOTUS is Plotting For the 2024 Election Takeover.

One likes to think that ignoring stuff like this will keep it from happening.

But if Trump has taught us anything, it is that we ignore the unimaginable — like his becoming president — at our own peril.

The peril is real.

And we absolutely can avert it by holding the House, expanding our “lead” in the Senate, and winning state legislative seats, governorships and secretary-of-state races four months from now. 

Not easy — just as, one is reminded this July 4th weekend, beating the British in 1776 was not easy.  (Listen!)

Or so much else that our forefathers and mothers risked their lives to do.

If you’re in a position to help, now is the time to do it — not in the fall when the “organizing snowball” has little time left to roll downhill and grow huge.  And not by funding individual candidates’ TV ads that persuade very few people to switch tribes.  The way to win is the way we won Georgia in 2020: organizing a massive registration and turn-out effort.

Switching from snowballs to icebergs: The time to help turn the rudder is . . . now.

Happy Fourth!



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