“Mad Men” starts again April 5 here on AMC — the final season.

And now yet another reason to live: “Better Call Saul,” the lawyer from “Breaking Bad,” here on AMC.  If you’ve missed the first four, treat yourself.  So good.

And a completely zany “Mary Tyler Moore for the Twenty-First Century” is available for binging here on Netflix — “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.”  You think Mary had spunk?  Wait til you meet Kimmy.*  Being a creature of Tina Fey, with no small assist from Jane Krakowski, it is just ridiculously funny most of the time.

And there are lots more, but no time.  I still have episodes of “The Roosevelts” in queue!

The problem with kids these days, I keep telling people: they don’t watch enough television.

But if, like them, you don’t either . . . if you insist on books (thank you) . . . then read (or listen to) Ghettoside.  Gripping.  Wrenching.  Real people most of us would otherwise never meet.


*Lou Grant, famously: “Mary: You’ve got spunk.”  Long pause, as Mary blushes and beams.  “I hate spunk.”



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