Martin Dauber: ‘Today [March 9] is the Jewish holiday of Purim, and I’d like to wish you and yours a happy Purim. In reviewing the comments of our sages in regard to Purim I realized the ultimate underlying message of Purim, and perhaps of life itself, is that God is happiest when our poor brethren are happy and their needs are met. You see, God himself is a Democrat (… and probably wants Jonathan Pollard freed, but that’s for another election).  Shabbat Shalom to all.”

☞ Well then, couldn’t he do something about Florida?


Bill Davis: “Warn against anybody buying a Replay unit – they have recently announced that they will no longer make the units. I question whether they will support their existing customers when something goes awry.”

☞ Replay does seem to have many very strong backers.  I hope they’ll do right by their customers.


We were remarking on the order of the days of the week – named after the seven then-known celestial bodies – and how, in cultures as diverse as ancient Egypt and ancient Japan, the order was the same.  What did they have – ancient global conferences on this stuff?  At the Cairo Hyatt?  How did the Japanese get there?

Jambardi Maheshkumar adds: “Ancient Egypt, ancient Japan and also in ancient India (as well as today’s Indian languages) – the order of the days of the week and the ‘planets’  they stand for are exactly the same!”

☞ I repeat: Time heals everything, TIME HEALS EVERYTHING!  . . . but lov … ing … you . . . .


Robert Verzi: “I tried it for the first time yesterday at a health food store in Greenville, SC.  I loved it.  You were right!”

☞ Music to my greedy little ears.  Once it turns hot, go to a Barnes & Noble Café and see if an iced cold bottle of Honest Tea doesn’t quench that parching Death Valley thirst of yours in a sophisticated, lightly-caffeinated way.  Mmm, mmm, good.  Mmm, mmm, good.  I own Honest Tea, so . . . mmm, mmm, good.

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