Bryan Howell: ‘The 3% MBNA transaction fee I paid to borrow at 0% has a cap of $50 and a floor of $5. It’s a bad deal if you borrow $100 because the fee would actually be 5% [100x.03 = $3, but you’d pay the $5 floor] But it’s a GREAT deal if you borrow $20,000 as you only pay 0.25% [the $50 fee cap rather than the 3% fee of $600].’

☞ Yes, this was the part I forgot in my original note. But the $50 transaction fee, on $99,000, seemed too small even to mention – barely 0.05%. (At 3%, without the $50 cap, it would have been nearly $3,000!)


The first time someone suggested the idea of ‘gay marriage’ to me – and could it have been even 10 years ago? – I thought they were out of their minds. And I’m gay! Why would we want to touch that third rail?

Ah, but here’s why. If you have a few minutes, read these five real stories, about real people, and see where you come out on how they should be treated.


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