Watch.  Even Fox News gets it.

And you probably saw John McCain: “The damage inflicted by President Trump’s naiveté, egotism, false equivalence, and sympathy for autocrats is difficult to calculate.”

The president has broken his oath to protect and defend.  All but he and Putin acknowledge that we have been attacked and will continue to be attacked.  He embraces our attacker.  How is that not worse — indeed, orders of magnitude worse — than that for which the Republican House of Representatives impeached President Clinton?

David Frum writes in the Atlantic:

. . . The reasons for Trump’s striking behavior—whether he was bribed or blackmailed or something else—remain to be ascertained. That he has publicly refused to defend his country’s independent electoral process—and did so jointly with the foreign dictator who perverted that process—is video-recorded fact.

And it’s a fact that has to be seen in the larger context of his actions in office: denouncing the European Union as a “foe,” threatening to break up nato, wrecking the U.S.-led world trading system, intervening in both U.K. and German politics in support of extremist and pro-Russian forces, and continually refusing to act to protect the integrity of U.S. voting systems—it all adds up to a political indictment, whether or not it quite qualifies as a criminal one. . . .

Yep.  We all watched.  It’s time for Republican patriots to fulfill their oath of office.



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