So it’s come to this: Forbes explains the Russian connection.

[Younger readers: For decades, Forbes has been an iconic business magazine, with the in-your-face-Karl-Marx motto: The Capitalist Tool.  I never got to ride on the jet — also named The Capitalist Tool — but Malcolm Forbes gave me a money-green Capitalist Tool tie that hangs in my closet to this day.  Forbes is not a left-wing rag.  If you’re one of America’s 400 richest people, you will find yourself listed here.  Or in Trump’s case, you were not remotely one of the country’s 400 richest but you lied to get on the list anyway.  As his new chief of staff said a couple of years ago, Trump is “a terrible human being.”  As Mitt Romney and many other Republicans have said, he is “a con man.”  A sociopath in the White House.]

Putin is winning.



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