Paul Abrams: “This is huge.  The New England Journal of Medicine is the most prestigious medical journal in the world.  Since its founding in 1812, it has never, EVER stepped into the political arena . . . until now.  But they consider Trump and Republicans to be such a threat to the health and safety of the American people that they’ve strongly urged people to vote them OUT.  This is unprecedented.  They would not have done it if it were even a close call.  This is serious — deadly serious.'”

A long article in New York Magazine, The Entire Presidency Is a Superspreading Event, concludes succinctly:

As one White House official put it: “Everybody at the top should be fired.”

Bill Kristol and Billy Crystal together at last.

And, oh — look:

North Korea Unveils ‘Monster’ Intercontinental Missile.

Do you feel safer now?

Is it possible Trump has put us at risk by trusting his dear friend, opposition-murdering dictator Kim Jong Un?

. . . much as he allowed COVID to afflict the world by pulling back the CDC China team and then trusting his dear friend, president-for-life Xi Jinping?

. . . and much as he trusts his dear friend and opposition-poisoning president-for-life Vladimir Putin over America’s intelligence agencies.

Just saying: now that Kim can nuke the U.S., I don’t feel meaningfully safer.




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