John Seiffer: “Regarding Gloria’s comment on food waste. 412 Food Rescue  is a great organization in Pittsburgh — and is expanding nationwide. They take perishable food that can’t be sold but is still good and deliver it directly to people who need it. It goes to subsidized housing, senior housing and the like. Since 2015 they’ve rescued over 5.5 Million pounds of food. And after they started, the housing authority here has had zero food emergencies due to their work. Here’s the cool part. They rely on volunteers — food rescue heroes — to pick up food that needs immediate rescuing via an app that they’ve built which tells you where to pick it up and where to deliver it. This can take as little as half an hour. People can do one-off or can sign up for a regular route. One of the grocery stores that is a food donor said they would be throwing out $300 a day of good food (produce, bread etc) that is just past the prime and can’t be sold. Now they donate it to folks who need it, saving them trash fees, and keeping it out of the landfill.  Disclaimer — my wife has a regular weekly rescue and we’re big supporters.”

→ Hats off to John and his wife! This is such a win-win-win.  Click here to find a similar organization near you.

Oh!  And I don’t usually make calls, but because I assume most Republican senators lean against scientific integrity . . . as they lean against consumers and workers and affordable health care and voting rights . . . and against Roe v Wade and DACA kids and confronting climate change and so much more (tell me again why you vote Republican?) . . . I took 60 seconds to call one of my Republican senators at 833-513-5863, to ask him to support the Scientific Integrity ActClick here to learn more.  It’s really easy and low stress.  Maybe this is a bill that can pass.


Rob Novick re yesterday’s post on homophobia:  “To keep things accurate — Morgan Freeman never said that.  Though it’s stated in a way that sounds like him.”

→ Thank, you Rob (and



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