Half a block from the subway and just a ten-minute walk from Charles Nolan or Penn Station, Leo House is an astonishing New York City bargain. Say hi to the nuns.


Well, at least Motor Trend’s technical director is buying the story. That is hardly ‘dispositive,’ as the lawyers say – dispositive will be when you or I are on a Delta flight that backs out of its gate under its own power or, better still, when we get a Borealis dividend check that doesn’t bounce. Still, stories like this keep hope alive.


As I’ve said so often in this space, almost all of us live better than the kings of England, czars of Russia, pharaohs of Egypt ever did. We have magic carpets with seats that recline; we have jesters, bards, gladiators and orchestras on instant call (with remote control, volume control, pause, fast forward and reverse). We have cell phones, antibiotics, zippers – Velcro, even – Google, anaesthetics, and aspirin.

We have air-conditioning.

We have each other.*

Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers.**

* Oh, my God — I’m having a Hallmark moment. Shoot me before I insert a smiley face.

** Seriously.


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