Under water, that is.

Click here for the details, and enjoy it while you can — come on down!

I’m supposed to be in Nanjing as you read this, and I assume it’s been making me crazy not to be able to watch MSNBC or Jon Stewart and Colbert while I’m here (though I’m in New York as I write this, last week) . . . but my point is — building on Smart Wheels I and II from yesterday and the day before (if  they got posted on time in my absence) — we’d really be wise to get cracking on this climate change stuff if we don’t want every day on South Beach to look like this from last week.  This is Alton Road for crying out loud — one of the key north-south arteries!

The other thing about Florida is that it has more Democrats than Republicans . . . yet, because of the way the districts are drawn, both houses of the legislature are — and have long been — heavily-to-overwhelmingly Republican.  That Republicans don’t much care about climate change makes a certain amount of sense in Florida because Democrats there are mostly concentrated in South Florida, and that’s the part that will be under water.

Go, Dolphins!



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