Infrastructure!  Finally!  I’m so happy about this, I could cry.

Joe Biden’s $2 Trillion Infrastructure and Jobs Plan, Explained

In truth, it’s not enough.  But it’s a great start.  And there are lots of other ways to enhance it, including this Novel Approach to Funding Infrastructure, brainchild of Regeneron CEO Leonard Schleifer, that I posted a couple of years ago.

Biden Aims to End Corporate Tax Cuts


I’d also love to see a “Voluntary Inequality Tax Surcharge” that would add 1% to the corporate tax rate for companies whose most highly paid employee earns more than 50X its median employee . . . 2% if more than 100X . . . on up to 5% if more than 500X.  All a board of directors would have to do to avoid paying it is some combination of paying employees more or the CEO less.  Even if it failed to raise a lot of revenue, it would send a great signal.

Last month — in a single post! — I gave you the two greatest nonagenarians I know, one white, one black: Warren Buffett (his latest annual shareholder letter); Harry Belafonte (his star-studded 94th birthday celebration) — both free.

Today I urge you to blow $7.99 on Sing Your Song, the Harry Belafonte documentary I missed when it was released a decade ago but that I watched last night.

Revitalizing our national infrastructure is a total win-win — but not enough.  Sing Your Song is about revitalizing the nation’s soul.

Have a great weekend!



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