Gluskin Sheff‘s Dave Rosenberg notes that . . .

Investor sentiment is wildly bullish. The just-released Investors Intelligence survey is now up to 53.3% for the bulls (versus 51.1% last week) while the bear camp has dwindled further, to 17.4% (versus 18.9% a week ago). Bullish sentiment rose for the third consecutive week and bearish sentiment has not been this low since January 12. As Bob Farrell’s Rule number 9 stipulates, when all the forecasts and experts agree, something else is bound to happen.


But that doesn’t mean I’d sell my DCTH, which broke $14 yesterday before closing at $12.93 – better than a double in just a few months, whether you paid $4.61 or $5.37. Thanks for this go to our guru, who’s proved right yet again (remember Nitromed puts? remember INCY?), and who sees a bright future for Delcath. If he turns out to be right about DNDN, and our puts quintuple, he will go from ‘guru’ to ‘god.’ (With a small g, of course.)

Meanwhile, another super-smart friend who listened in on Delcath’s investment call yesterday shorthanded me his impression: ‘Management said that, at $20k/unit, addressable mkt for oculocutaneous melanoma was $750mil. Very impressed by huge statistical significance of data, and also by management. Really seemed smart, capable, and honest. Canaccord took price target today from $8 to $17.50. Great ideas and great product. Still a long road to go, but $30-50 in a few years is very plausible.’


Read or, better still, watch. (‘So instead of competing to offer confusing products, companies will compete by offering better products.’ And I love the part where he quotes from Time Magazine.) This is worth your time.

Health reform, education reform, environmental reform, energy reform, stem cell reform, credit card reform, nuclear warhead reduction – and now financial reform. Thank you again for electing this guy.


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