We have a lot to be proud about as Americans, but few things make me prouder personally than the quality of our tobacco, and our willingness to stand up to countries – 191 of them – that are seeking to keep kids from becoming addicted. A less bold President, having lost so much of the world’s good will in such a short time, might have decided to take the side of the world’s kids instead of the tobacco companies. But not our guy. Makes you proud to be a Republican, proud to be an American – just plain proud.

U.S. Wants to Reopen Talks on Global Anti-Tobacco Pact
By Alison Langley
New York Times
Thursday, May 1, 2003

ZURICH, April 30 – The United States asked officials from 191 countries this week to reopen negotiations on a treaty meant to control the sale and use of tobacco and scheduled to be adopted a month from now at the World Health Assembly in Geneva.

American negotiators said they could not accept the treaty as long as it included a “no-reservations” clause, which would prevent countries from disregarding any provisions they found unacceptable.

The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control would place a comprehensive ban on advertising and promoting tobacco products, except where the prohibition conflicts with national constitutions. It would also impose high taxes on tobacco products and expose companies to liability for their products. It would further require tobacco companies to divulge all the ingredients in their products and print warning labels that cover at least 30 percent of the package . . . .

☞ If you’d like to urge the Bush Administration to stop sabotaging what may be the world’s first public health treaty – click here.

(And here, if you can’t wait until tomorrow to read more about Bill Bennett’s addiction to the slots.)


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