Have you already recommended the ‘low expense no-load mutual funds’ that you like?

Not here.

If not would you? Thanks. — S. Ruch


1. The various Vanguard index funds, because their super-low expenses mean you are almost certain to do better than the majority of your fellow stock market and mutual-fund investors — though you will never do exceptionally well.

2. The T. Rowe Price funds, especially if you’d like a little hand-holding.

3. The Twentieth Century funds, though this may not be the best time to start with aggressive funds that do best in bull markets — this one may be in its latter stages.

4. The Mutual Series funds, but hurry — they are about to be purchased by the Franklin group of funds, and for new investors will become “load” funds. (Existing investors will be able to make new investments without the load, they say.)

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