The F.C.C. is proposing a 10-year plan to make the Internet our dominant communication network – and 25 times as fast as what most of us now have. The New York Times sees ‘a shift at the F.C.C., which under the [prior] administration gained more attention for policing indecency on the television airwaves than for promoting Internet access.’

In the meantime, the F.C.C. has set up a site that lets you test your broadband speed.


Education is our future. So take heart, per this New Yorker profile, that the President chose an Education Secretary who is close to him (a long-time basketball buddy) . . . who is firmly in the camp of innovation and ‘market forces’ . . . and who has been armed with orders of magnitude more resources than previous Secretaries have had.

‘Stunning,’ writes the tough-minded group, Democrats for Education Reform, of the progress made to date. ‘We don’t know how else to put it.’


If you need a little cheering up . . . and who among us from time to time does not? . . . this account of life above the Arctic Circle just might do the trick. It comes to us via a fellow long-suffering BOREF shareholder, Nicholas Altenbernd, who writes: ‘This may help explain why it’s taking a long time for our mine to develop.’ Indeed.

Tomorrow: DON’T Boycott Virginia


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