Listen, I know it’s lazy of me to just link you to other people’s stuff and not write insightful pieces that will help you turn your nest egg into a golden goose. But regular readers of this site have known for some time that oil stocks might do well, that real estate is no bargain, and that it’s not the worst time to be concerned about our $700 billion deficit. They also know how much I love Google – and that I lost every penny I put into Google puts – but that some of the other things suggested here over the years have worked out and others, touch wood, still may. I will try to revisit them as appropriate, always with the caveat that (loosely phrased) ‘what the hell do I know?’ (Investments aside, nothing makes me happier than e-mails like the one I got this week from a woman who says that skype, which she read about here, is saving her and her company lots of dough.) (Well, one thing makes me happier: the very occasional e-mail I get from ‘former Republicans’ who write to say I’ve ground them down – that this isn’t their fathers’ Republican party, and that, well, for the most part they’d rather see us go back to path of the 1990’s, which is where the Democrats largely are, and not the 1890’s, which is where the Republican leadership largely is.) (Okay, I’m getting carried away. But you know what I mean. I want the benefits of stem cell research. I ‘believe in’ evolution. I don’t want to live in gated communities guarded by machine guns – which is where we’re headed if the rich just keep getting tax breaks and the millions more fall into poverty each year and lose their health insurance. And, yes, I think it was a tragic mistake to rush to war in Iraq without a plan to win the peace.)

But for now, let me just post a couple of your comments and then another ‘link to something I thought might interest you’ – today’s, about the seemingly tight connection between the White House and Exxon.

But first . . .


Andrew Krieg: ‘I would encourage everyone to read the privacy policy at the site one of your readers suggested yesterday – – before blindly sending personal information online. This link has some good discussion about this site. The fact that the owner of this domain hides its real identity is disturbing. Here is what a domain search turns up.’


Robert McKinney: Here is an excellent source that can be reliably used to fact check any statement about military matters. And here is its article about depleted uranium.’

Rick: ‘There is NO such thing as ‘non-radioactive’ uranium. when it’s not radioactive anymore, it’s called LEAD. To be precise, DU is mostly U-238, which decays over billions of years through a series of elements including thorium. All radioactive until lead.’

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