I met Sarah Parcak at a TED Conference a few years ago as we wandered the halls scavenging among the health food stations.  “I’m a space archaeologist,” she said.  (This morning, I was on the phone with a Jamaican/Cuban American with a joint degree in midwifery and finance. A max-out DNC donor, she’s running for vice chair. Could life possibly have been so interesting when only white males with property were allowed to vote?  But I digress.)

“A space archaeologist?”

Yes, she explained; she looks at the earth from satellites trying to spot ancient cities and pyramids hidden by soil or sand.

Last year, she won the TED prize to build out her vision of getting thousands of us — tens or hundreds of thousands more likely — to join her search.

And now you can!

Click here to start combing Peru to discover the next Machu Picchu.

Here, to watch Sarah’s TED talk.  It’s pretty cool.


Mike Rutkaus:  “It Can’t Happen Here, a novel by Sinclair Lewis about the guy who beat FDR in 1936 and became dictator of the U.S. He notes that dictators rarely have a wife present…in the book she is always coming to DC next year.”

Not to mention Philip Roth’s The Plot Against America, wherein “America First” candidate Charles Lindberg beats FDR in 1940 and negotiates an understanding with Hitler.

Or My New Order, the book of Hitler’s speeches our current president kept by his bedside.


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