One thing led to another yesterday – the President’s excellent speech; a very fun movie called “The Lincoln Lawyer” – and so I’m still wandering around somewhere in the Everglades. Come back tomorrow to see whether I am eaten by an alligator.

Today, I hand the mike over to a Presbyterian minister who recounts for Salon his journey from preaching against homosexuality to accepting marriage equality.

It’s a good story, written with what appears to be complete honesty.

I know you don’t need to read it – but perhaps an older relative or two?

And please let that relative know that Dick Cheney and Laura Bush now favor marriage equality. And that John McCain’s wife and daughter posed for marriage equality ads. That Barbara Bush made this video. That former Gerogia Republican Congressman Bob Barr – who wrote the Defense of Marriage Act – says it should be repealed.

Views evolve. Ask your older relatives whether perhaps their views are evolving, too. When the author was first ordained in 1989, he writes, “I did not believe one could be a practicing homosexual and a Christian. The Bible was straightforward on this issue. It all seemed incredibly obvious to me.”

And yet here he is, still straight, writing, “At this point, I have done a 180 on the topic. And I believe it’s a change for the good.”


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