No surprise: happy people live longer.

But according to this article, which you must read (because the happier you are, the longer you will live and the longer I will get to enjoy your readership, which will make me happier, and thus healthier, and — let’s be frank — it’s all about me) . . . there are eight steps you can take to, in effect, develop the happy gene.

And they cost not a cent.

And they will tend to make those around you happier as well.

Thank you, indispensable New York Times.

(There’s a thought: every time we say Trump, we should say, “the failing Donald Trump,” and every time we say the New York Times, let’s make it “the indispensable New York Times.”)

Combine this with a few hours of BrainHQ each year, and you’ll not only stay happy and healthy — you’ll be compos mentis.

At 80, you might even be like this guy.



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