Sorry: just an update today . . .

Guru writes of yesterday’s FDA panel:  “The important vote on ETRM was 6 yes, 2 no, 1 abstain that benefit outweighs risk.  That’s what we wanted.  On safety, the vote was 8 yes, 1 no.  On efficacy, however, the vote was 4 yes, 5 no.  Yet the vote earlier in the day on whether the 18 month data supported efficacy was 9 yes 0 no.  Doctors who earlier in the day had voted ‘yes’ that the 12- and 18-month data showed efficacy voted ‘no’ on the official ‘efficacy’ vote.  Go figure.  The FDA will approve their device in my opinion.”

Those of us who bought shares with money we truly can afford to lose await the decision — and the market’s reaction — with nervous anticipation.

Stay tuned.



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