Richard Allen:That was the most disgusting smear I have ever seen. I am Canadian, so the American campaign is only a something to watch for me, but that was too much. I don’t like Gore, because of Tipper’s censorship stand. And, I think Bush is a dead-end. But that does not mean you should attack him like that.”

Jonathan Betz: “Al Gore has better experience in national and international affairs. Al Gore has sound plans for the government. Al Gore understands how Washington works. But Al Gore is part of an administration that arrogantly abused the trust of the American people. Every time he misspeaks on fact, or makes a statement that gets misinterpreted (Love Canal, the Internet, etc), he looks like another man who will say what he needs to for his own personal advancement. You’re the Treasurer of the Democratic National Committee. Tell him that if he would come out between now and Election Day saying that he stands against Bill Clinton’s behavior in 1998, his poll numbers will soar and he will sweep George Bush in a landslide.”

Jason: “Your liberal vindictiveness bleeds through every word on the page. How do you live with so much hate inside of you?”

Alan Waldock: “I probably won’t have been the first to bring this to your attention, but option #7 is interesting at 1-800-888-3999. I mention it because (i) it’s free, and (ii) it has at least a tenuous relevance to matters financial. [Unlike] some of your recent columns.”

Rulison Evans: “As a lifelong Republican, I must say, I seriously doubt that I will be voting for Gov. Bush. This is not to say that I have converted. Just that, this time around, given the two choices, I agree more with the things that the VP believes in and less with the Gov.”


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