Rachel Maddow’s ULTRA is so worth your time.  Episode 6 has dropped.

The parallels between America First’s attempt to overthrow our democracy — with the help of sitting Senators and Representatives manipulated by the Germans — and the January 6 crew’s attempt manipulated by the Russians . . . and the attempts then and now to shut down Justice Department investigations thereof . . . are nothing short of jaw-dropping.

Start with Episode 1, if you haven’t already, and binge.

Fortunately, there are signs the former president — “Toxic Trump,” as Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post now calls him — may be replaced on the right by the newly reelected governor of Florida.

And yet . . . well, the time may thus have come to find out who he is:  The greatest threat to Donald Trump’s hold on the GOP comes from Ron DeSantis, who may be more MAGA than the MAGA king himself.

One thing to keep in mind if Joe Biden runs again is that — yes — he’s old.  But with him comes his team of more than a thousand appointees who have restored competence to the government and helped America regain the respect of the free world.  That — and the infrastructure bill, the CHIPs bill, the bill to lower prescription drug prices and confront climate, and much more — would be a lot to throw away to take a chance on someone new.

Have a great day.



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