Mike Leboeuf: ‘Didn’t want you to miss this column from the Washington Post.’

☞ Good column. Thanks. Let’s tie the Arctic drilling he favors to the $1-a-gallon gas-tax hike he also favors . . . use every penny of that increased revenue to cut the FICA tax (giving people more take-home pay to spend and save, as well as a greater incentive to work), and let’s fund the hell out of alternative energy research instead of – astoundingly – cutting it in half.

The problem a lot of us have with the administration’s energy policy is that it seems 100% designed to benefit the oil industry, from which our president and vice president came, as if that were even more important than doing whatever is best for the country as a whole.


I’m 54 and learned how a toaster-oven works today. It’s got two settings. One for toast, one for oven. Cool! This was much less complicated than I realized, once I really focused. I made some toast, then I made salmon. (My secret: salt, lemon, and first pretend the salmon is a piece of toast.) Before cooking, I actually drenched it in some fancy flavored olive oil someone gave us long ago – a kitchen decoration, is how I had always thought of the bottle, until inspiration struck.

Hint: it’s OK to put a naked slice of bread right on the toaster-oven rack, but it’s a good idea to put the salmon in something, like an aluminum pan.

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