Things CAN get better.

As a species, we can DO it.

Imagine: We installed half a million solar panels every day last year; the Chinese installed two wind turbines every hour.  Renewable energy capacity has surpassed coal worldwide!

Imagine quiet, pollution-free electric buses running off power from the sun.  (Or hydro or any other electric power source, the cleaner the better.)  The first 300 begin going into service in just a few months, able to do the full 18-hour work load of today’s smelly diesel buses.

Imagine Uber’s electric-powered flying cars a decade from now.

Imagine a US government without gridlock 74 days from now — a government that boosts the economy by putting people to work at good jobs revitalizing our infrastructure; that boosts consumer demand and decreases inequality by hiking the minimum wage and refinancing student loans at today’s low rates; that enacts the bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform the Senate passed 68-32 that economists agree would also boost the economy; that imposes the universal background checks even 74% of NRA members want to see.

All we have to do is vote tomorrow.  Reject the relentless Republican obstruction and get the country moving again.

We can do this, people.

Just vote.



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