Please vote for Barack Obama.

Don’t trust my judgment, trust Warren Buffet’s. Or Paul Volcker’s. Or Bob Rubin’s. Or Susan Eisenhower’s. Or Colin Powell’s. Or the Arizona Star. Or the Anchorage Daily News. Or the Chicago Tribune – endorsing a Democrat for the first time in 161 years.

The world yearns for an American president in whose intelligence, judgment and goodwill it can trust; for whose experience and life story it can feel admiration; around whose leadership it can rally.

The world yearns for an America it can root for again.

And having much of the world rooting for us again would be good for our national security – and good for business.


Some Obamaramians have been working toward this day for 20 months. I think they can be excused this video.


And now, to lighten the tension over tonight’s results, a bit of comic relief:


Delta is merging with Northwest, and supposedly remains psyched to deploy WheelTug® motors in its fleet of 737s.  “We are counting the days,” says Borealis, “as final pieces slide into place so that we can start to test this first motor that is the right shape for the 737NG wheel.”

I am counting the days as well: three thousand two hundred seventy-six of them since I first told you about this stock (“A Stock That’s Surely Going to Zero.”)  It was around $3.50 a share then; it last traded at $2 (someone taking a tax loss?).

We will grow old together with this stock.  But I can think of worse things than rocking on the porch in such good company.  Here (for the engineers on the porch) is their latest technical paper – the gist of which, as I understand it, is that fuel-efficient hybrids could be even more fuel-efficient with a Chorus Motor.  And here is its companion paper, explaining the geopolitics of cobalt, which led to the geopolitics of neodymium, a Chinese-controlled rare earth metal fundamental to the current technology of hybrid cars – unless (you saw this coming) you use a Chorus Motor, in which case it’s not needed at all.

The idea that supply security can arrive together with improved quality and reduced costs is an unexpected win-win proposal – but it is in fact why neodymium magnets supplanted cobalt in the 1980s. And it’s why Chorus is now ready to supplant neodymium.

I know, I know.

But I remind you of television.  Invented in 1926, nobody made a dime from it until 1950 or so. Yet it did become quite popular.

(Of course, I am also reminded that Philo Farnsworth, who invented it – and, more to the point, of his financial backers – whose ship never did come in.)

Up at subsidiary Roche Bay, joint-partner AXI stock has fallen 95% from its high, yet AXI says the iron ore deposits are real, and that it now hopes to refine them into 98% pure nuggets on-site, in part because the heat from that process can be used to keep warm.  It’s freezing up there.  (I am taking some liberties with their press release; you can read it for yourself.)

At $2 or $3 a share, Borealis is once again valued at $10-$15 million.  Is it a wild, some would say delusional, speculation?  Well, it’s a speculation – that’s for sure.  But to me it seems like a lottery ticket where you have only one chance in five of winning (say) – so you will probably lose every penny – but that pays fifty times your money (say) if you win.  That’s a bet few can afford to take, but a good bet nonetheless.

Now get out there and vote for a brighter tomorrow.


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