Is Biden golfing today?

This same day four years ago marked the first of Trump’s 298 taxpayer-funded golf-club days.*

Of CTHR’s rise I wrote yesterday:  “I have no idea what’s going on.”

Here’s what was likely going on: Tuesday’s “Dumb Money Live.”  (Thanks, Brian!)

I’m thrilled they’re enthusiastic about the company and its fake diamonds.  I am, too.

(“Diamonds are ridiculous,” you will read on page 36 — for free, if you use Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature.)

But with CTHR having tripled in less than a year, the fellow who says he just bought $150,000 worth may well have bought some of it from me.

As this was money I could truly afford to lose — and as now I had three times as much of it (without having to worry about taxes, because the shares I sold were in my IRA) — I turned around and bought more ANIX, up 25% or so from where we bought it a year ago, but still one of those swing-for-the-fences investments you know I find it hard to resist.

Investments like PRKR, that was up another 9% yesterday.

Is all this getting too easy?  One sober-minded pro, Howard Marks, offers this perspective.

Bottom line: he doesn’t know.

Me neither.

So I’ve set aside a decent amount of cash, earning next to nothing, in case amazing opportunities arise, as periodically they seem to do.


*Even if you never sank a putt in your life. you’d enjoy Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump.