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The Drug Policy Alliance turns 10 this year. Its Honorary Board includes such folks as Walter Cronkite, Harry Belafonte, Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson, and former United States Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach. Its president, Ira Glasser, used to run the American Civil Liberties Union. I know the ACLU strikes some, ironically, as un-American. To some, ‘civil liberties’ consist mainly of the right to carry assault weapons. But to others, they give citizens the right to pursue happiness as they see fit, so long as they don’t harm others.

The Drug Policy Alliance takes a two-fold approach. Its mission is to ‘advance those policies and attitudes that best reduce the harms of both drug misuse and drug prohibition’ [emphasis added]. You can join for $35 or less.


Vision Warrior will soon turn 10 as well. My pal Scot Anthony Robinson . . . actor turned addict – turned near-corpse – turned Vision Warrior . . . does everything he can to steer kids away from drugs. His performance changes lives. I see the e-mails . . . from teachers who marvel that he was actually able to grab and hold a normally impossible audience spellbound . . . from kids, inner city and affluent alike, who pour their hearts out to him with thanks. If you have kids in a school with a potential drug problem (name one that doesn’t), consider finding a local business or a few well-to-do parents to bring him in to do his thing.

Marijuana possession should be decriminalized, but that doesn’t mean that kids – least of all your kid – should smoke it. And marijuana, obviously, just scratches the surface of the dangers out there. Scot’s performance turns kids’ heads around. Fill up his calendar.

Tomorrow: Don’t sell your NTMD puts.


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