Wordle!  My latest addiction.  Five minutes a day.  I got SLUMP in three tries. Beginner’s luck.  CRANK and GORGE in five.  Sorry; you’ll shortly be addicted, too.

Want a free $700?  Sign up for this card.  Only, of course, if you will be able to pay the charges in full each month.  The 80,000 bonus points are worth $800, less the $95 fee.  And you get 3% cash back on what you eat.  Even those of us who (try to) practice intermittent fasting have to eat sometime.

Don’t Look Up is streaming on Netflix.  It is a Dr. Strangelove for our time (if not, like Dr. Strangelove, one of the 10 best movies of all time).

Have you watched the President’s speech?  Stephen P.:  “He finally actually USED the bully pulpit, and did it well. There were even faint echos of Churchill, as when he said ‘I will not allow a mob to hold a knife to the throat of democracy.’ It will be widely quoted.”

Meanwhile . . .

To all those arguing January 6th wasn’t an attempted coup because little blood was shed, I offer the phrase “bloodless coup.”

To all arguing Mitch McConnell and Ted Cruz misspoke when they called January 6th “terrorism” . . . because only the Senators and Representatives and their staffs and defenders were terrified, but it wasn’t like a bomb went off (the bombs at the RNC and DNC headquarters but did not go off) . . . and because no one has yet been charged with terrorism (though, to paraphrase Jack Palance to Billy Crystal in City Slickers, “day ain’t over yet“), I say: who cares whether it fits your definition of terrorism or sedition or insurrection? It was a violent attempt to overturn the results of what the disgraced former president’s own officials called “the most secure election in our history.” The first and only such attempt since 1789.

And the coup is ongoing.

If this troubles you as much as I think it likely does . . . join your local chapter of the League of Women Voters . . . join Field Team 6 . . . join Vote Forward . . . and, if you can — now, when your support is so much more leveraged than when most people will be giving next summer and fall — fund the Party.

Have a great week.



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