Former General Motors chair: “I’ve Always Voted Republican.  Until Now.” Powerful.

Donald Ducks. Is it because he’s not nearly as rich as he says? (I think so.) Doesn’t give much to charity? Doesn’t pay any taxes? Is tied up with the Russians in some way this would disclose?  He’s said in 2014 he would “absolutely” disclose his returns if he ran for President but is constantly contradicting himself, so don’t hold your breath.

David Z.: “Regarding Trump’s new proposal to do an ideological test of all immigrants requiring them to support things like gay rights.  Question: Will this require the deportation of 75% of the Republicans in Congress?”

☞ And here’s a crazy question: what’s to prevent a terrorist from lying in the interview?

Someone sent me this love story. I had to look some things up (coup de foudre?), and I could not imagine living in Aiken myself — but if you have five minutes to read two remarkable lives and explore a 60-room house . . . enjoy.



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