I just finished doing my taxes with what is now called Kiplinger TaxCut, and once was called Andrew Tobias’ TaxCut, but has really always been Dan Caine’s TaxCut (Dan is the guy who conceived and wrote and slaved over it).

I no longer have any stake in it — I bought my copy — but I must say I took double satisfaction in using it this year. It is so spectacularly good, I had the satisfaction of doing my elephantine taxes easier than ever, and the satisfaction of knowing that those who got hooked on TaxCut over the years on my recommendation (back when I did have a stake in it) were not steered wrong.

Naturally, I’m only a sample of one. I’d appreciate — and share — any horror stories you may have. But for me, this has been a superbly useful, friendly software program.

It’s really pretty exciting to see how far software has come in the mere decade and a half “the public” — folks like us — had any reason to think about it.

If you haven’t yet done your taxes (for me, August 15 usually winds up being the real deadline, because of late-arriving K-1s or other problems), and if you’ve never tried a tax program, you should really pick up a copy of TaxCut and see what I’m raving about.

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