Jack Rivers: ‘The amazing thing, for me, about Milk was that in the packed theater I went to (after it has been playing for two weeks) the vast majority of the crowd was straight couples. Would you have ever imagined such a thing when you were writing The Best Little Boy?’

☞ Not in a million years, let alone just 35. Is this a great country or what?


James Musters: ‘So much for religion and morality. Click here.’

☞ A two-minute video. Turns out, the most religious societies have the worst morality problems. This is not offered as a blanket condemnation of religion; but it does suggest there may be room for reevaluation and improvement.


Lynn H.: ‘How About Some Financial Advice? Every day I read your blog hoping you have the magic answers for us, but you don’t say a word about investing. My husband and I are retirement age though he still works and we did all the so-called ‘right things’ over the years. So we have the house paid off and we have no debt and we have savings, but we lost a lot when the market crashed as we were a bit heavy in stock. Where do we put money now? My broker sure doesn’t know and wherever I turn, I see no good advice. My bonds, both corporate and muni, are down in value along with my stocks. Treasury stuff earns zilch and we need income. The only advice I see is for young people or for those in debt. I know we who have money are the lucky ones, but we’re scared too. Reading about Madoff is enough to give anyone the willies, isn’t it?’

☞ It is. Let me try to answer this tomorrow.


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