When I was six, a substitute school bus driver asked me for my address.  How the hell was I supposed to know?  You’re the school bus driver.  I’m six!  But I digress.

Forget longitude and latitude.

As described in this 5-minute TED talk, the earth has been divided into 57 trillion 3-meter squares, with each assigned a unique three-word address.  (The address for the Jefferson Memorial, for example: event.courier.tests.)

Click here to all but instantly find yours.

In the middle of a favela with no street signs — but have an Internet connection?  Domino’s pizza — or the paramedics — will find you from those three words.

It seems I’m not the only one who has trouble making out lyrics. Gray Chang: “I found ‘cherry pie, cherry pie‘ at a website dedicated to misheard lyrics, kissthisguy.com.”  Fun.

The deficit is ballooning under their stewardship and the Republicans want to cut taxes — massively — for the rich? Really?  Didn’t we try this under George W. Bush?  He exploded the debt but over eight years added fewer than 800,000 private sector jobs.  Clinton raised taxes on the top 1%, as did Obama, bringing deficits back into line — and (between the two of them) adding more than 30 million private sector jobs.  So I think we’ve proved it: slashing taxes for the rich creates deficits, not jobs.  It’s irresponsible.  And the Republicans are determined to do it.  Again.



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