I’m frankly at a loss to square this.  Mr. Romney appears to be an upstanding guy in so many respects and is unquestionably a leader in his church . . . yet there he was working to help tobacco companies sell a product his church abhors (Monday’s post), and here he is authorizing messages he knows are simply not true.

What kind of man does that?  According to this tally, 533 lies in 30 weeks — and that list goes only to August 29.  And, yes, you might toss out two or three or even four hundred of them as not rising to the level of actual knows-better falsehoods.  But as I pointed out yesterday, just one of them . . . the claim that his proposed tax cuts will not disproportionately advantage the rich or explode the deficit . . . should be enough to have disqualified George W. Bush, when he told it, or to disqualify Mitt Romney, who’s telling it again.

At least that’s my view.

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On a lighter note:


[Warning: explicit language.]  Two minutes.

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And finally, since I mentioned “my beloved beach shack” yesterday:


My dune and deck were swept away, but — after fearing it would all be gone — seeing a photo of my brave old beach shack rising defiantly to the sky reminded me (no disrespect) of the Star Spangled Banner: tattered, but still there by the dawn’s early light.  I am elated.  How on earth did my home and all the others in my community survive 20 foot waves on top of a storm surge and high tide?  I only wish everyone in Sandy’s path had been so fortunate.



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