Here is Dilbert creator Scott Adams on with Bill Maher explaining how Trump wins.

One of you writes: “I no longer believe we Democrats are up to parrying Trump.”

I don’t see it as bleakly.

Based on competence/temperament — and on the policy positions of the two parties — Democrats should sweep November with 85% of the vote.  Instead, we may struggle to get even 52%.  But if we have the resources, we will win.

So I continue to ask everyone I know for 1% of his or her net worth, because the Court, the country, and (given the role we play in the world and the challenges the world faces, climate change and nuclear proliferation prime among them) the whole world is at stake.

Still, I will enthusiastically and appreciatively take less than 1%.  Click here.

Have a great weekend.

A deep bow of respect Monday to those who gave 100%.



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