Joe Cherner: “Have you seen Philip Morris’ campaign about what a great company it is because it gives to certain charities? How about writing something about why Philip Morris is spending $100 million on an ad campaign to tell people about $50,000 it gave to a woman’s shelter?”

Famous Last Words (according to my pal Bob): “Rene Descartes went into a coffee house and ordered a cappuccino. When he finished, the waitress asked him if he wanted a another. He responded, ‘I think not’ — and vanished into thin air.”

Less Antman on Indiana: “Since I have praised Indiana’s Qualified State Tuition Plan to the sky, I think it only fair for me to concede that this was based purely on a review of the terms of the plan (i.e., how good a deal it is), and that the administrative errors reported by Joe Hurley on his web site fully justify his downgrading of the plan for the time being. I also would like to make sure that, since Indiana is apparently touting your support, you indicate your displeasure (and my displeasure) at their administrative and informational failings, so as to place pressure on them to clean up their act. Their plan still appears to me to be the best of the bunch. [But based on the latest from John Hurley, one should read one’s statements carefully and keep copies of all correspondence.]”

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