Listen to the Daily: Why Russia Is Rooting for Both Trump and Sanders.  Twenty-four important minutes.  Because right now, Putin is winning, big-time.

Tom Friedman’s plan to save the day: Dems, You Can Defeat Trump in a Landslide.  A “unity ticket” with broad appeal.

Yes, it would be “unprecedented.”  But do you know what?  With democracy and the habitability of our planet on the line, it’s time for unprecedented.

I’d tweak Friedman’s picks a bit, and you’d likely tweak them in one way or another, as well . . .

(It’s fine for Bloomberg to be Bernie’s Treasury Secretary, but not the other way around, so if it’s Bloomberg, Bernie would be the newly created “Inequality Czar?”  And while we’re at it, either of them should name Al Gore “Climate Czar?”  Or move Bernie to Health and Human Services, and Senator Warren, if she wants it, to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau she created, and maybe the Federal Trade Commission, as well?)

. . . but the overall point: we can’t let Putin win, destroying our precious democracy, the rule of law, the rule of reason, the rule of common decency — and the habitability of the planet.

If you have resources to invest in a happy ending, click here.



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