Have you seen the list of nihilistic password-recovery questions that’s going around?  Examples:  “What is the name of your least favorite child?” . . . and . . . “On what street did you lose your childlike sense of wonder?”

Betty P.:  “Per your suggestion, I printed out the Hamilton lyrics and downloaded the music. Bob and I listened to it FOUR times before we saw the matinee on Wednesday. And we are still listening to it in our heads.  It made our ‘Hamilton’ experience magical!”

☞ Actually, you can save big bucks by not seeing Hamilton at all.  Or at least until the next batch of regular-priced tickets is released for year-end 2016 / early 2017.  Just see it “in your head,” as often as you want, free.  It’s great treadmill music: be thrilled, inspired, and heart-healthy.

But even as Hamilton describes the country’s contentious founding, so Jane Mayer’s Dark Money describes its more recent confounding — as sampled in this interview.  How a tobacco-industry lawyer and a few wealthy right-wingers set out to undermine the intellectual class they saw impeding capitalism — professors, scientists, and such.  And how the Koch brothers, whose dad co-founded the John Birch Society, currently lead that effort.



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