Rob Bullock: ‘You missed one of my favorites – and not because it is in my home state – French Lick, IN 47432 (home of Larry Bird).’

K. Siembieda: ‘I can’t believe you missed central Pennsylvanians’ favorite – Intercourse, PA – in the midst of Amish country … go figure.’

Michael Roth: ‘You missed Hell, Michigan.’

Michael LeBoeuf: ‘Cut N Shoot, Texas.’

Larry Taylor: ‘Fifty-Six is in Arkansas, not Arizona, and does have a zip: 72533. (The zip for Forty-Four is 72535.) Toad Suck is not a place, it is a dam and a bridge and a former ferry. Also we seem to have a little of the Middle East in Arkansas:

Damascus, AR 72039
Palestine, AR 72372
Jerusalem, AR 72080
Egypt, AR 72427
Jordan, AR 72548
Goshen, AR 72735
Zion, AR 72589

. . . and our most famous for this time of year, Romance, AR 72136.’

John Padavic: ‘I bought Tivo (the machine, not the stock) on your recommendation, and it’s amazing. It changes the way you live!’

☞ Yes. I am certain about the machine; less certain about the stock.

Dave Rockafellow (really? cool name if real) offers this link to some sober-sided Morgan Stanley economic analysis. I’d like to think it’s wrong, but my hunch is that we are headed for truly gargantuan deficits. We’ll muddle through, of course; but most of us will be the poorer for it. (Maybe not the five principal Wal-Mart heirs, who would save several hundred million dollars a year in taxes on their dividends, but most of us.)


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