Kathy Thatte: ‘It’s hard to tell without being able to see the rest of the tree, but your friends’ ‘happy tree‘ looks like some type of Calliandra.’

Robert Merrill: ‘I suspect I am about the hundredth person to come up with Powder Puff as the Happy Tree’s more common (but not necessarily better) name. [Meanwhile], just around the corner (relatively speaking) from your friends’ farm is Everglades National Park. When visitors want to see the beauty of South Florida beyond the beach, I usually suggest the park. The $10 entry fee is a great value, and the park is one of the few places in the US where crocodiles live. I think the dry season (winter) is best because the more common alligators congregate in good numbers around water near the trails. The alligators are literally right at your feet. I like to see what famous last words visitors can come up with standing next to an alligator. ‘They’re more afraid of you than you are of them.’ ‘Get in closer; it’s sleeping.’ You get the idea.’


So Republicans hope to deal with joblessness by cutting unemployment benefits. And to pay for corporate tax cuts by cutting food stamps. Rachel Maddow and Dean Baker argue that these are not good ideas. Watch.


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