Outlook decided yesterday — apropos of absolutely nothing that I can divine — to start downloading 68,000 emails I had previously processed again, for the third time now. So I am back in computer hell, thank you very much, and will offer just a couple of things today.


It’s simply outrageous, as shown in this must-see ’60 Minutes’ segment. Although the principal reformer shown was a six-term Democratic Congressman, it still speaks badly of almost everyone that the reform bill has got only six co-sponsors, after years of trying. This needs to be fixed.


Ann: ‘Please rethink the ‘2-minute Republican woman’ clip – listen to the filmmaker egging her on. Having been in situations where I think people were taking that tack with me, and manipulating me – or trying to manipulate me – into saying things I wouldn’t otherwise say, I feel for her. It’s sickening, to be on the receiving end of that sort of deception. (Yes she was aware she was being videotaped, but still, the guy’s tactics were ugly.)’

☞ You are a wonderful soul, Ann. But I think our side, in its tendency toward thoughtfulness and sense of fair play – which I prize and which you embody – can go overboard. I think we need to risk hurting her feelings. Yes, the interviewer was teeing her up to think she was talking with someone of like mind; yes, he was encouraging her not to pull her punches. But this was not some crazy outlier. She was parroting things millions of Limbaugh “ditto heads” (their own term for themselves) believe. I think we really have to allow for the likelihood she meant what she said.


The stock dropped 80% yesterday. I’m sorry this one did not work out. Onward and upward (and no, I did not join the rush to sell; because I know myself well enough to know that if it goes to zero I’ll be less unhappy than if it someday surprises on the upside and I sold for pennies).


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