The Economist: China Is Betting the West Is In Irreversible Decline

Paul London wonders . . . will the opposition party allow us to compete?

He argues it will be impossible if China keeps growing 3 or 4 times as fast as we do . . . and that the President’s infrastructure programs are the way to surge U.S. growth so that we can.

Worth reading!

RECAF:  In the “nothing is easy” department, here’s the bearish case (or one of them, anyway).

Asked abut it, my guru replied: “This is commonplace in the oilfield.  In south Louisiana, oyster fishermen would get damage to their oyster properties when oil companies operated on a shallow water state lease.  Sometimes they sue.  Sometimes they win.   The farmer will get something.  Life will go on.”

Even so, having had such a quick triple, consider selling some so from here on you’re playing with house money.



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