Welcome to my “daily comment.” The ground rules Ceres and I have agreed to are simple. I can write whatever I want, ranging from a sentence to an epic. I can even say things like, “Don’t trade stocks yourself — no matter how cheap the commissions. For most people, it’s smarter to invest through no-load mutual funds.” Which it is. (Not that this has ever stopped me from testing my hand against the pros.)

Got a kid in high school? If so, as college approaches you may receive direct mail “opportunities” from firms offering to help you or your child search for student loans. The information they offer for charges usually ranging from $30 to $150 but is available free from the Internet and/or your college or high school counselor.

Http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~FinAid/finaid.html is your gateway to everything having to do with student aid. (Aren’t these “addresses” awful? That squiggle after “edu/” is just to the left of the exclamation mark on your keyboard. It’s on the same key as what appears to be a dust fleck.)

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