Rachel was on fire Tuesday night. I’m sorry for the delay in getting these to you. They are must-watch TV.


Here she shows John Boehner ticking off the four things Republicans wanted in the health care reform bill – and, after each one, shows where it is in the Senate bill that they oppose.

All four.

Even a start on tort reform.

One after another, she checks them all off.

It’s a devastating eight minutes that I urge you to watch.

Urge, urge, urge.


This second clip highlights the Republican propensity to say no to everything – even things they themselves proposed. It will make you want to jump through the TV and put the filibuster back in its rightful, Jimmy Stewart place.

Urge, urge, urge.

Really, try to find the time for these clips.


Finally, there’s this clip showing Republican after Republican trashing the stimulus package, voting against it, and then taking credit for the projects it financed.

The country’s in trouble, folks. Having an opposition Party focused so singularly on producing ‘Waterloo’ rather than solutions is not the way to help.

Take a snow day to watch these three clips . . . cancel your lunch date, if need be . . . or, better still, invite your lunch date over to watch these clips with you.

Tomorrow: My Harry Reid story


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