Gary Krager: ‘I’m in the process of designing a new home for myself and have done a couple of ‘GUY’ things I thought you’d like. One is to have not one, but two dishwashers. One will always have clean dishes in it and the other will always be in the process of ‘being loaded’ to use. The other is to have two clothes dryers. I don’t want to sound like Andy Rooney here, but, did you ever notice how it takes twice as long to dry a load of laundry as it does to wash one? Well, with a second dryer that problem is solved.’

☞ You will also want to add a second washer, for ‘colored’ fabrics. (If money or space or the environment are considerations, go back to plan A – eat and drink direct from the container; rinse your dish and silverware after use; allow to dry.)

Bob Fyfe: ‘I was in Dallas recently and visited a friend who had two dishwashers, one on each side of the sink. He said that it is the latest thing in high-end homes in the Dallas area. There is also a two-drawer dishwasher that can be used for the same purpose. Here’s an excerpt from the site: ‘You don’t bend down and reach way in to get dishes out and put them in. You just open a drawer. And you get two dishwashers in the space of one.’ Some people keep clean dishes in one drawer while washing dirty ones in the other.’


Toby Gottfried: ‘Analogies are well and good, but let us not forget one important difference between football and real life. Football is just a pure competition and the objective is solely to win. At some point the game ends 0and you start fresh with the new one]. On the other hand, real life doesn’t end, and ‘how you play the game’ has lasting effect. To take one example, a business might increase its profits by polluting, but the effects of the pollution might be far reaching and permanent; a far cry from cheating at football where once the final gun is sounded, what happened on the field matters not a whit.’

John Stone: ‘The comments about rule books reminded me of a new formulation I heard recently: Rich Libertarians believe that everything they have came from hard work. Rich Republicans believe they were favored by God. Rich Democrats believe they have been very lucky. Poor Libertarians believe they are victims of a conspiracy. So do poor Republicans and Democrats.’


DJ Heger: ‘Alex & David Smith didn’t even mention the biggest reason Chamberlain deserves history’s wrath – the Russians would’ve joined the British, French, & Czechs against Germany. The non-aggression pact between the USSR & Germany came about because Stalin knew he couldn’t depend on the British & French.’

Walter Willis: ‘In addition to the replies you published, the Rumanians threatened to cut off Germany’s oil, and the Russians were still trying to set up a collective security deal with the West Europeans to keep Germany in line. It was only Munich that persuaded the Russians and Rumanians to sign separate treaties with Germany. Without oil from Rumania or Russia, a German war with Czechoslovakia, France, and Britain would have been very unpleasant for the Germans. It was not merely in armor, artillery, aircraft, ammunition, and allies, that Germany was outnumbered. Raw material to keep Germany’s industry running was in even shorter supply. They had no significant stockpiles during the Munich crisis.’


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