Michael Adberg: ‘A friend (back when he was single) had a great idea about how to avoid unloading the dishwasher. He simply used it as his dish cabinet. He pulled out what he needed for each meal and then he put them back when he was done, and ran the dishwasher again. So the dishwasher was either on, or full of clean dishes. To make sure he wasn’t wasting too much water and power, he made sure to use the lightest cycle. And those dishes that he never used were really clean.’

☞ This is an important idea. Please see my May 30, 2000 column. Note, though, that if you limit yourself to a single knife, fork, spoon and plate – and rinse them off immediately after each use – you will need none of this. As for a glass: sure, if company is coming. Otherwise: why would you need one?

Monday: Time to Rebalance?


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